Design for Test

Product testing is an important consideration during design development, but all too often manufacturing test is overlooked, or at least not properly considered, during the design phase. At Relchron we can work with the customer to establish a test strategy, weighing the cost of test equipment and test time against yield and lifetime quality targets. In development, design reviews should include DFT considerations that derive from the test strategy, schematics and placements need to be reviewed to understand test coverage and test node access. Our test design processes cover all phases of design, from concept through to new product introduction, assembly and test.

In manufacturing test, the test strategy may comprise a combination in-circuit, functional, visual and X-ray test protocols. At Relchron, we understand the lost opportunity caused by preventable faults such as shorts, opens, wrong or incorrectly inserted components which after manufacture would need to be identified and reworked. Comprehensive In-Circuit Testing (ICT) will help to eliminate such errors.

Even when all such faults are eliminated, functional faults may still exist in new designs, requiring Functional Board Test (FBT), a process that still relies on test engineers’ understanding of circuit functionality and manually developed test procedures. While functional Automatic ICT equipment has been reduced considerably in price, FBT test costs can still be a considerable undertaking that can take several weeks or months of test engineering development, so the test strategy should seek to minimise reliance on FBT to avoid delaying programmes and incurring unnecessary costs.

The test team at Relchron will facilitate your successful product launch by applying expert knowledge to reduce FBT complexity, ensuring maximum yields and minimising rework. We have expertise in Flying probe, In-Circuit Test, Boundary Scan, JTAG, Optical inspection and X-Ray systems.

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